As it turns out he only lived a few blocks away

On June 2, 1980, Brzezinski gave the green light to a remarkable CIA proposal. Iran which had seized 52 American hostages, including four CIA officers would join the secret arms smuggling network. The United States would procure the weapons, the Pakistanis would fly them into Iran, and the Iranians would help truck them into western Afghanistan.

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fake hermes belt vs real If chindogu has a star, it’s probably Simone Giertz, who builds what she calls “shtty robots.” As she explained in her TED Talk from May 2018 called “Why You Should Make Useless Things,” Giertz started building useless robots to teach herself about hardware and get over performance anxiety. Over the years, she’s built an audience of 1.3 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. Viewers are treated to such chindogu gems as a machine that blows your nose for you and her first, an eight second video of a toothbrush machine fake hermes belt vs real.

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